Bench Maji / Gesha Village / Gori Gesha / Honey Aerobic - Santuario Project Mossto Process

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Farm Gesha Village
Origin Ethiopia
Estate Bench Maji
Producers Adam Overton / Santuario Project
Varietal Lot Shewa-Jibabu / Gori Gesha
Process Honey Anaerobic With Coffee Mossto
Coffee Area 60 Hectares
Altitude 2.069 m.a.s.l.
Rainfall in mm. 1950 mm.
Average Annual Temperature 16 ºC
Cupping Notes Mild Fruits, Nuts, Orange, Flowers, Pecan

After identifying the perfect plot of land in Bench Maji for establishing Gesha Village, we proceeded to plant coffee trees. To cultivate a diverse range of flavours, we didn't rely solely on the Gori Gesha seeds obtained from the nearby forest. Instead, we also incorporated various local varieties into our plantation.

The Gori Gesha coffee forest, located just 20 kilometres away from our farm, served as the source of the original Gesha seeds. Through extensive historical research and genetic testing, this precise location in Gori Gesha has been identified as the origin of the highly sought-after Panamanian Geisha beans.

In 2020, the Santuario Project initiated a collaborative endeavour with Gesha Village (Ethiopia) to employ Santuario techniques in coffee processing. This partnership allowed us to further enhance the quality and craftsmanship behind our coffees.

Honey Anaerobic with Mossto Fermentation

-Cherries are harvested above 22ô brix's.

-Coffee cherries depulped leaving 50% of mucilage. Anaerobic fermentation 24hrs, with Coffee-Mossto.

-Coffee is sun-dried on African beds for 18-20 days until humidity is 10.5 % .

-Final humidity stabilization for 8 days inside a warehouse, then coffee is finally stored on grain-pro bags.

-After the total final stabilization coffees are cupped and lots organized. 

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