Santuario Veracruz Ixhuatlan / Marsellesa / Washed

Bag Size
Farm Santuario Ixhuatlan del Café Innovation Center
Origin Mexico
Estate Ixhuatlan
Producers Small Farms Ixhuatlan del Café (120)
Varietal Marsellesa
Process Washed
Coffee Area 130 Hectares
Altitude 1.330 m.a.s.l.
Rainfall in mm. 3150 mm.
Average Annual Temperature 17 ºC
Cupping Notes Sweet, Caramel, Pecan, Grapefruit

By the end of 2017 Santuario was stablished in Mexico with the creation of the Ixhuatlan Innovation Center in Veracruz (Ixhuatlan del Cafe), today we have 120 farmers involved on the Santuario program in Mexico. We have been supplying technical advise, as well as quality advise in order to mantain a solid base of producers supplying good quality coffees for the Santuario program in Mexico.

Washed Process

-Cherries are harvested above 21ô brix's.

-Cherries are soaked in water for 2 hours. Wet milling process leaving 50 % of Mucilage.  

-Aerobic fermentation 8hrs, Pergamino is sun-dried on African beds for 22 days until humidity is 10.5 % .

-Final humidity stabilization for 16 days inside a warehouse, then coffee is finally stored on grain-pro bags.

-After the total final stabilization coffees are cupped and lots organized. 

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